In our ninth dispatch from Israel and Palestine, Danny Gold is in Gaza talking to Palestinians as they sift through the rubble of their homes, and visiting makeshift outdoor and indoor camps where displaced residents have fled.
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New Mac Demarco music video for Chamber of Reflection 

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v scared and excited about a couple things.

1. My shitty roommate is finally moving out and my cool roommate and I are going to have an awesome new roommate and a close friend is going to sublet my room while I’m gone for a month but he’s gonna crash on our couch for a week before I leave. Its gonna take some time to accept that our house is no longer going to be a negative place and that we won’t have to deal with this crazy person anymore. Positive +++++

2. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go vegan. I’ve been vegetarian for eight years except I still eat fish but living in Chicago has limited that. So I just need to focus on giving up cheese and eggs. I don’t really drink milk anyways so I just can’t eat ice cream or other dairy products. I’ve been having stomach problems a lot lately so I think this vegan thing could be really good for me. It’s just a big decision and I would really need to commit to being healthy. When you think about how bad animal consumption is for the environment, how inhumane the industry is, and how bad it is for your health its kind of like what kind of idiot would still consume animal products? But its such a cultural norm that people don’t want to think about it or they make up excuses. I’m v down to stop making excuses and take the plunge. Positive +++++

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"Drunk all and left no friendly drop to help me after?"
Romeo + Juliet (1996)Baz Luhrmann


"Drunk all and left no friendly drop to help me after?"

Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Baz Luhrmann

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_7288 by MICHAE L on Flickr.
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I just had a job interview for an internship at this non-profit organization and they said I had a lot of experience :3

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